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Here’s what you’ve told us about the Storefront Library.

Most feedback was collected in the Library, handwritten in Chinese and English. Volunteers translated, entered, and posted some of the feedback here.

You can also enter your own feedback at the bottom of this page (now closed).

50 Responses

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  1. MZ says

    We hope to have a library in Chinatown, and we wish the government will support it.

  2. Jason says

    It’s wonderful to finally have a library in Chinatown. The ability to free access to reading, writing, learning and computer usage is vital to many Asian families, especially for immigrant children who wants/needs to learn.

  3. SW says

    We strongly urge the government to open a permanent library in Chinatown to promote asian culture and benefit future generations.

  4. SX says

    We hope the city government can open a bigger library in Chinatown to promote asian culture and benefit future generations.
    我们全力要求市政府开办唐人街图书馆,发扬多元文化, 造福后代

  5. RR says

    We strongly urge the government to open a permanent library in Chinatown to promote multi-cultural society and to benefit future generations.

  6. J Lee says



    I am very pleased to see a library in Chinatown. It serves as a place for retired elderly to read and learn. I hope there will be a permanent library in Chinatown.

  7. XL says

    We want a library in Chinatown.

  8. WC says

    I hope the library in Chinatown will be bigger.

  9. HS says

    Hope the government can open a permanent library in Chinatown.

  10. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Suggest to have a place to hang our coat during our visit to library, especially during winter. Thank you for having this wonderful library.”

  11. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Nice place, thank you for book.”

  12. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Great Service + Nice People + Pretty Face”

  13. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “I have been hoping for a Chinatown library for so long! I am so excited! Hope to see a real one in 2010!”

  14. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Incredible idea — thanks for providing inspiration by acting on imagination.”

  15. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “What talented Architects you must have had!”

  16. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Awesome. Don’t stop. Let’s find a way to keep going to ensure literacy for all.”

  17. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “A wonderful idea! It personalizes chinatown. A place of peace in the bustling downtown.”

  18. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “This is really a very good opportunity to have a storefront library located in Chinatown. For sure it will benefit all people who visit Chinatown, this wonderful area.”

  19. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “It’s wonderful to have such a nice library to go to in Chinatown.”

  20. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “It is time for Chinatown to have a branch of Boston Public Library.” (Patron of 2 branches in South Boston)

  21. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Chinatown should have a permanent branch of the BPL. No reason not to.” (patron of Copley and West End branches)

  22. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Wonderful Job! Well done!!!!” (heard story on WBUR)

  23. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “This area is so deserving of having their own library. The best of luck and may every person, child, enjoy and use it to good use!”

  24. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “I grew up in Chinatown and always wanted a library in my own neighborhood. Thanks to you all for your initiative! I can’t wait to bring my 2-year-old cousin to this amazing space and to volunteer myself.”

  25. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “A public library in Chinatown is long overdue. This is a wonderful project and hopefully the Mayor and politicians of the city will throw their support for a permanent branch library.”

  26. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Thank you for the tour. Also thanks for giving Chinatown a bit back of what it lost.”

  27. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “It was nice coming here today and learning about the project that benefits the community in such a good way. Good Luck.”

  28. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Thanks Sam! You are an inspiration! Hopefully your movement catches on!”

  29. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Thank you for taking the time out to give us a tour. It was very much appreciated. Good luck w/your wonderful plan to bring a library to the community.”

  30. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Dear Sam, Thank you for the tour of the library. I’m sure the community appreciates this even thought this is temporary.”

  31. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “great idea, thank you for the tour and contribution to the community.”

  32. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Best of luck to you guys with our idea to help the community!”

  33. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Thank you very much for the tour it’s very cool what you guys are doing and I think it’s endearing what you guys are doing.”

  34. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Thank you Sam. The students had fun and learned a lot. (Bay State College)”

  35. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “About time for a library in Chinatown!” This is a great idea!”

  36. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Thanks for everything! You are making a difference in the community. Good luck.”

  37. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Thank you for letting us visit your library, it was a great idea to put one here also when you start your Muzik Studio. I’ll be your first visitor.”

  38. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Thank you for a wonderful tour. I hope to see more project from you guys.”

  39. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “This is a terrific library for this community. It has been long overdued (sic)! I love the children’s books we have here.”

  40. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “What a wonderful idea. It is so good to see a library in Chinatown!”

  41. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “This is the kind of venue that opens the worlds possibilities to our children of Boston and Chinatown. The success of this effort should have our leaders full and committed support. Make it happen!”

  42. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Beautiful space! I love the fish! Best of luck in obtaining a permanent home.”

  43. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Wonderful storefront library (smiley face) very much enjoyed studying here & browsing the children’s section!”

  44. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “I think is opening the library for everybody is the most important when people can learn more English.”

  45. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “I think this is wonderful. My local library was in an old A+P (Chapel St/maybe Church St. in New Haven, Conn) I worked there from ages 10-18. Why don’t you have any support from TUFTS?

  46. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “What an excellent concept! I hope to see another incarnation elsewhere in Chinatown next year.”

  47. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “Chinatown really need a library have a lot of Chinese books. It is a god bless”

  48. Anonymous (Handwritten) says


  49. Anonymous (Handwritten) says

    “I am so glad to see this library recently opened in Chinatown. Hopefully the city of Boston will fund and support the library in the future. This library riches and changes people’s life around chinese society. Please keep this library forever! Thanks.”

  50. Linda T. says

    I’m excited to see where you take this project. I wish you the best of luck.

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