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Be a Sponsor

Give $250 or more (in cash or in-kind). A commitment of $250 will pay for one full week of afternoon/evening open hours. Sponsors will be listed at, on the Storefront Library Donor Wall, and in print materials. (Corporate Sponsors: $500 or more.) Click here to download a one-pager about benefits of becoming a Sponsor.

Be a Supporter

Give $5, $10, or $100 or more, according to your ability. Supporters will be listed at and on the Storefront Library Donor Wall.

Donor categories are simple and low because we are seeking broad participation. The bulk of money remaining to be raised will pay for bi-lingual staff to manage the library.


  • Donate online:

    Online fundraising for Storefront Library has concluded. Thanks for your support!


  • Donate by US Mail: send a check made out to “Boston Street Lab, Inc.” to Boston Street Lab, Inc, [address deleted]. Please indicate “Storefront Library” on your check and include your contact information to receive a confirmation.

Boston Street Lab is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. We are incorporated in the State of Massachusetts and registered with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Division of Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities.

Donate Books

books2_1251The Storefront Library is still accepting donation of Chinese and bi-lingual books for adults, and picture books for children.

My Wish ListHere’s a Wish List (via Amazon) of books specifically recommended for the community that you can purchase and deliver directly to the project. Visit the Collection page to learn how we chose these titles.

Read the Storefront Library Material Donation Policy below to learn how donated books will be handled. Click here to download a Summary of Sponsorship Opportunities for Book Sellers/Publishers donating in a value greater than $250. Donations of gently used books also accepted—email us to learn more.

Email Storefront LibraryContact Leslie Davol with questions.


The Storefront Library encourages and appreciates donations of books and other materials, and accepts monetary contributions toward the purchase of materials. The Storefront Library accepts donations of books and other materials with the understanding that they will be added to the collection only if appropriate and needed (for criteria, see Storefront Library Collection Development Policy). The Storefront Library cannot appraise the value of donated materials, but it can provide an acknowledgment of receipt of the items if requested by the donor.

A Collections Committee of the Storefront Library will decide the disposition of all gifts received. Gifts accepted for addition to the Library’s collection become the property of Boston Street Lab, a nonprofit organization, and will be placed within the Storefront Library where most appropriate. If a gift is not needed because of duplication, condition, or dated information, the Library’s Collections Committee can dispose of it as it sees fit.

At the conclusion of the Storefront Library’s installation, all materials purchased for, or donated to, the Storefront Library will be reviewed by Collections Committee for distribution or safekeeping, with the goal of preserving as broad, continuous access as possible to all materials within the neighborhood of Chinatown until such time as a permanent library or similar institution may be built.

[Storefront Library – Materials Donation Policy drafted by Boston Street Lab, Inc. with reference to existing policies such as those of the San Francisco Public Library and the Seattle Public Library. Date: May 1, 2010. Version 1.1]