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Here’s what you’ve told us about the Storefront Library.

Most feedback was collected in the Library, handwritten in Chinese and English. Volunteers translated, entered, and posted some of the feedback here.

You can also enter your own feedback at the bottom of this page (now closed).

47 Responses

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  1. AW says

    The Storefront Library had such a welcoming environment with friendly and familiar faces every day. I am sad the project has to come to an end, but I hope Chinatown’s voice has been heard and work towards a permanent branch will progress from here on.

  2. Annie says

    I love this place
    Thank you so much for doing this….don’t stop.

  3. Nima S says

    This library rocks! Chinatown needs a permanent library!

  4. Anonymous says

    Wonderful — keep the library open!

  5. Andrea L says

    Very inviting and actively used — design and location makes all the difference!

  6. Anonymous says

    The library should get more new books in because there are not much in the shelf. The library can load up the different books every 3 months, since there are limited shelves. other than, no comment.

  7. Leah says

    This is a most wonderful, educational and peaceful library which is beautifully furnished with functional furniture. It is the most special library I have ever entered. Thank you.

  8. Andrew K says

    This is an awesome space and essential service for this community. A permanent library space designed for this community is essential to preserving the cultural continuity of this community.

  9. dee says

    SUch a great environment to be around, especially when the location is in boston near the Train station, Books, sources, and multi services there are so helpful…!

  10. Anonymous (Handwritten) says


    This library gives our children a place to study. They find many books they like here. I hope the Chinatown library can stay open.

  11. Anonymous (Handwritten) says


    I love this library because it is very convenient and has many Chinese books that I like to read. I hope Chinatown can have a bigger library with more equipment.

  12. ZLK says

    Like the resource a lot! We need a space for reading and borrowing books and this library is a wonderful place for community building. Look forward to a more permanent setting. Thanks!

  13. MD says

    Great community space. Definitely need a permanent library.

  14. GLC says

    Good Library

  15. MFL says

    Good Library

  16. LCL says

    Good Library

  17. TW says

    Do you need someone to help with your web site? I can help.

  18. MY says

    Good Library

  19. YBT says

    Good Library

  20. HTTq says

    Good Library

  21. PTM says

    Today I visited Storefront Library in Chinatown. I felt so happy and hope there is a permanent one. But the Storefront Library is closing after 2 months, so we strongly urge the city government can fund a permanent library.

  22. JGC says

    I hope there will be a library in Chinatown, it’s gonna be convenient for both adults and children because Boston public library in Copley is too far away.

  23. MC says

    Chinatown needs a big and permanent library.

  24. SDL says

    I hope the government will support a library in Chinatown so people will have a place to read and study. Thanks.

  25. NWD says

    The Storefront library is very convenient for residents in Chinatown, I hope it will be open permanently.

  26. YLW says

    We strongly support a bigger, permanent library in Chinatown

  27. MQG says

    I want a library in Chinatown

  28. JL says

    I suggest the current location of Boston Registry of Motor Vehicle to be used as the permanent site for a Chinatown library. I heard Boston RMV will be closing at the year’s end.

  29. KCL says

    I truly hope there will be a permanent library in Chinatown

  30. RC says

    Hope the Storefront library is permanent

  31. WHW says

    Hope Boston government will open a permanent library in Chinatown

  32. HZ says

    Hope there will be a permanent library soon

  33. ZX says

    We hope Chinatown will have a library. A library will help people to learn english. Hope the government will support this and have a plan for it soon.
    我们希望唐人街有一个图书馆。有间图书馆会帮助更多人学得 更多英文。希望政府支持,纳入建设图书馆的计划。

  34. C Lin, O Lan says



    The Storefront Library has brought me so much fun. We come in to read the newspaper and talk with others. Having a library is a great thing. It is unfortunate that this library is only temporary and is about to end. Hope people can support the library so it can stay open.

  35. LSC says

    I need a large permanent public library in Chinatown.

  36. LZL says

    A library in Chinatown is necessary. Many residents want to read Chinese books. Books about how to learn English are helpful to new immigrants. The Storefront library is lacking these books now. Also the Storefront library is too small, I suggest to expand it, so more people can be benefited.
    在唐人街设立图书馆是非常必要。很多华人都想有中文书籍阅读。最好多点英汉 方面的书,多元化,不同种类的。现在的馆 地略嫌小点。提议找个地方扩大些,能为多些人服务。

  37. FPL says

    We hope there will be a public library in Chinatown because it would be very convenient to many. Now when we want to go to a library we have to spend a lot of time to take the subway or other transportations, many just don’t have the time to do so. That’s why we truly wish there will be a library in Chinatown, and hope the government will support it.

  38. YCD says

    I visited the Storefront library at November 30th 2009 and I heard that it is only temporary for 4 months. I truly wish there will be a permanent one.

  39. YFL says

    I hope there will be a permanent public library in Chinatown and I hope Boston government will support it.

  40. AC says

    Chairs are nice, I like the diversity of educational things like music, drawing, chinatown history, etc. in addition to the books.

  41. CH says

    I really like the library. I like its ambience. The lighting is awesome. I see the library as a place for people to come to do work, a place where family spend time together reading, etc. I like the library for its safe and nurturing environment it offers.

  42. TCT says

    I visited the Storefront Library today and I truly wish there will be a permanent one. There is an empty space near World Trade Center, could it be used as a site for library? I hope the Boston City Hall can help its citizens to have a permanent public library, so our children will have a place to study and read.

  43. JL says

    I hope there will be a library in Chinatown. I want to bring my kids to the library to read. I hope Boston City Hall can satisfy our need.

  44. WL says

    I strongly urge Boston City Hall to open a permanent library in Chinatown.

  45. XJZ says

    We hope there will be a permanent library in Chinatown and we hope Boston City Hall can support it.

  46. SLC says

    We hope there will be a permanent library in Chinatown and we hope Boston City Hall can support it.

  47. RYN says

    I truly wish Boston City Hall can support the development of a library in Chinatown. A Chinatown library with English and Chinese literature will be very helpful to new immigrants effort to integrate into American society.
    我真诚的希望Boston City Hall能全力的支持能在唐人街建立图书馆, 收藏中美双方的文献, 让移民美国的人早日融入美国社会共同的为美国的社会安详奋斗

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